Lotte Hotel Seoul in downtown Seoul is the most prosperous areas, geographic location, few minutes walk from Lotte Department Store, a large duty-free shops and the famous Myeongdong district and so on. Lotte Hotel Soul building gives simple, modern feel, comfortable and cozy rooms, thoughtful and meticulous service, focus on quality but also has a sense of innovation, the 22nd floor of the main building of the hotel added a new ladies floor, becoming the first Korean a ladies-only floor of the hotel.


South Korea is a great place to visit. Seoul, a teeming metropolis with a population over 10 million is located near the Hangang River. It is the 10th largest city in the world. It has grown to become a highly developed city because of industrialization and urbanization. It is the main center for country’s economic, political, educational and cultural activities.

The natural beauty
Four inner and four outer mountains encircle this old city. The inner mountains include Bugaksan, Naksan, Inwangsan and Namsan. These mountains are situated inside the city walls. The outer mountains include Bukhansan, Yongmasan, Deogyangsan and Gwanaksan. Unique beauty is boasted by each of the mountains. The spectacular landscapes and views increase the natural beauty of Seoul. There are numerous springs in these mountains which continuously provide crystal clear water.

The places of Attraction
There are many places of attraction in Seoul such as the ancient palaces, ancient shrine, Huwon (Rear garden) of Changdeokgung etc. The Myeongdong Catholic Church, Myeongdong Art Center, Seoul Museum of Art and Admiral Yi Sun-Sin’s Statue are also the places of attraction. The cultural heritage of the place along with modernization has made the city of Seoul the perfect place for all kinds for visit.

Why Lotte Hotel is the perfect place
If you want to spend a peaceful but exciting holiday then Seoul is the perfect place for visit. And among the huge number of hotels, Lotte Hotel Seoul should serve your every purpose. Whether it’s a casual holiday, honeymoon or important business trip this hotel will be the perfect place for stay. The spacious rooms, the exquisite facilities, the ambience will surely impress you. The transportation facility is also good. Euljiro 1-Ga Subway Station is 0.2 km away from the hotel. The Gimpo Airport is 15.8 km and the Seoul Air base is 17.7 km away. There are many places of entertainment. The nightlife is excellent here. Good staff and cleanliness enhances the culture of this hotel. The hotel is equipped with Free Wi-Fi and other important facilities.

The Things you will love
The swimming pool is the perfect place for relaxation after whole day’s tour. There are also places for business meeting. The Bar and the restaurant will surely quench your thirst and tickle your appetite. The pub adds color to the night life. The ultra-modern decoration of this hotel creates a restive atmosphere. The scenic vistas and the soft sounds create a smoothing atmosphere in the restaurants. The parking facility of this hotel is also great.

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